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Hamza Ali Abbasi Says Strip Shows Aren’t Art and Neither are Item Songs

Hamza Ali Abbasi who is quite vocal about his opposition to item songs in films has once again stirred up controversy with his latest statement on the subject. Comparing item numbers with strip shows, the actor has somewhat irked the masses.

“It is bad from a religious point of view, it’s bad even from a secular point of view. You don’t demean a woman onscreen and call it art,” said the Waar actor.

As he further stated, “It’s just my opinion but why are strip shows not art? We can show that on our television from let’s say 10 pm to 11 pm. In my head, there’s a distinction between art…”

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Hamza, who some time ago announced his departure from showbiz, recently announced a comeback with two projects that he has just signed. The actor has been strongly opposing item songs trend in films and has often issued controversial statements. 

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