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Hania Aamir questions ‘Why can’t people be happy in others happiness?’

Hania Aamir seems to be pretty active on social media interacting with fans via thought-provoking message posts and videos.

The Ishqiya star after igniting criticism for using beauty filters has another question for her followers.

In her recent post on Instagram, Hania wrote a detailed note questioning people about happiness.

“I pride myself on being the person that I am today,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself.

“Yes, I make the most of each day. Yes, I speak my mind. Yes, you might think I’m too much. I am. I am all of these things. I am extra. Extra. I love more. Laugh more. Feel more. Every emotion is heightened and that is the person that I am,” the Titli star added.

Hania went on to say, “But what I’ve been seeing on social media lately makes me not sad exactly but confused.”

“How can people not be okay with seeing someone happy? Why can’t people be happy in others’ happiness? Somebody smiling can put you off? Because they’re not what you expect them to be or they don’t lead their life how you do?” she said.

“There are all kinds of people in this world. Some you get some you don’t but hate is not even an option. At least not in 2021 when we’ve seen so much together as a world.”

“Kindness is attractive. Being supportive is attractive. Respecting people is attractive. Co-existing with a difference of opinion is attractive. Basically, I am amazing you should get to know me,” she concluded.

In her earlier Instagram post, Hania has responded to criticism over her video for using ‘beauty filters’.

Social media users came out hitting at the actress as she used a beauty filter and not revealed her original skin as she talked about embracing one’s flaws.


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