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Hania Aamir responds to criticism over her video for using ‘beauty filters’

‘Don’t pit women against women’, said Hania


Hania Aamir in the latest social media video has responded to criticism over her video for using ‘beauty filters’.

Ishqiya star’s series of posts on her Instagram stories sparked a backlash as she talked about colour shaming and flawed beauty standards applied with beauty filters on her videos.

Social media users came out hitting at the actress as she used a beauty filter and not revealing her original skin as she talked about embracing one’s flaws.

“I’ve seen multiple articles penned about why I spoke with a filter and makeup on such a topic that doesn’t need any of that. The point is to do what you are comfortable with, own who you are not because of existing beauty standards,” Aamir said.

Responding to the criticism, Hania continued saying: “I was even wearing makeup that day. The point is being comfortable with who you are, doing things because you want to do them, not doing things because [of] the beauty standards that are set.”

“Does that makes sense? If I am using a beauty filter because I want to use it then it’s fine. But if I use a beauty filter because I feel pressurized by society, then it is wrong,” she added.

Hania who has been flaunting her skin problems in past went on to add, “Let’s not kill the whole conversation and pit women against women just because you don’t understand my point of view. There is something good going on over here, so please expand your brains and think positively.”

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“For those wanting to write on skin positivity and framing my words rather differently, I’ve been coming bare face on social media displaying my textured skin, pimples for the past two years and that’s what you should be writing about, not utilizing the opportunity to target someone and become a carpetbagger, the 24-year-old actor concluded. 


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