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Hania Aamir writes heartfelt note as Mere Humsafar concludes

Hania Aamir writes a heartfelt note as Mere Humsafar concludes!

Taking it to Instagram the lead star of the hit series Mere Humsafar shared some video clips compiled marking the drama’s last day of the shoot.

The popular actress captioned the behind the scene video with a heartfelt note thanking the entire cast and crew of the drama as well as the fans who showed their love for the drama and its characters.

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” I always dreamt of giving my fans, my hanians a project that would be a treat for them to watch.
Something that they would never forget. And I realized that dream through Mere Humsafar, When we started working on this project we could’ve never imagined this. We didn’t know that it could become what it has,” Hania Aamir said.

Hania added, “A huge thank you to all our fans across the world! Thank you to all the Hanians, Farhanians, and Halzas! Thank you for your love, dedication, and support. I could not have done this without your love! Thank you for every little edit, every Twitter trend, every comment, and every like! Thank you for making every Thursday a celebration for us! Thank you for always supporting me and loving me and believing in me! Won’t let you down!”

Aamir also specially mentioned her onscreen husband Saeed and called him the best co-star ever, she wrote, “Thank you for being the Hamza to my Hala. Hala would’ve been incomplete without Hamza.”


ARY Digital drama serial Mere Humsafar finally concluded on a very positive and forgiving note. All loose ends are well connected and it is a perfect ending. We really going to miss this play for being such a massive hit across borders too, the play has made audiences fall in love with its characters Hala and Hamza. Performances were phenomenal and kudos to the entire team of Mere Humsafar.

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