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Hareem Farooq is spreading a new kind of virus!

Its extremely contagious!

Hareem FarooqHareem Farooq is spreading a new kind of virus - OyeYeah News

The Coronavirus outbreak has the entire world in its grip.  Four cases have emerged in Pakistan as well and people are currently taking all the preventive measures they can to ensure they stay safe. There has been a certain kind of chaos and restlessness amongst the public and here, Pakistanis have forgotten to smile with all the mounting tension.

Addressing these ever-growing tensions actress Hareem Farooq has come out with a virus of her own. It is extremely contagious and its a virus of happiness.

Taking to her social media Hareem Farooq, posted about that special virus of hers.

“Only kind of virus I want to spread is ‘khush raho na virus’. Its elements are joy, laughter, love, positivity and gratitude and it’s extremely contagious. No prevention required.💕 Help me spread it as much as possible! ❤️ #khushrahonavirus #behappyandsmile”, wrote Hareem on her Instagram.


In desperate times like these where the entire world is tethering on the edge of sanity and trying their best to fight deadly virus outbreak, its good to see people like Hareem Farooq trying their best to cheer the world up and spread some positivity.

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