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Hareem Shah’s husband reaches home in Karachi after 5-days detention

Hareem Shah’s husband reaches home in Karachi on Tuesday after 5-days detention!

As reported, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had picked up Bilal Shah for some questioning over his TikTok star wife’s controversial social media posts.

TikToker Hareem Shah in a social media post had alleged that her husband Bilal Shah had been kidnapped for unknown reasons upon reaching Karachi from London.

But Bilal’s family had said that he was being questioned in relation to his wife’s social media posts.

Bilal was reportedly picked up from Karachi’s Qayyumabad area.

However, in a statement shared with a reporter, Bilal said, “I am back. I was treated with respect by the members of an investigation agency. They asked me questions about the Twitter account running in the name of Hareem, and I told them that I had no idea what this was all about. They checked my phone and everything and found that I had nothing to do with this account.”

According to him, his family had registered an FIR against unknown persons for his “kidnapping” but he will \now withdraw the complaint.

“I believe in the law of Pakistan and have no time to fight these cases,” he added.


As reported, a petition was filed in the Sindh High Court against the “illegal detention” of Bilal, allegedly by personnel of the law enforcement agencies.

Shahzadi Begum, Bilal’s mother in the filed petition maintained that her son Syed Bilal Shah had been picked up by personnel of law enforcement agencies on August 27 from the Korangi area and his whereabouts were unknown.

The detainee’s wife Hareem was a social media activist and her spouse was arrested because of her political views on social media, the complainant added.



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