Prince Harry Sends Out Support Message to Trailwalker Relay 2020’s Participants

Along with the message it's the Duke's hairstyle that caught everyone's attention

Prince Harry messagePrince Harry message to Trailwalker Relay 2020 - OyeYeah News

Like everything happening virtually in 2020, Prince Harry too virtually participated in the Trailwalker Relay 2020 charity event as he lended support to the participants through a video message from his new home in Los Angeles.

“Almost five years ago, I travelled to Nepal to meet families and see first hand how the country was rebuilding after the devastating 2015 earthquake,” the Duke said in the video regarding the charity event in aide of The Gurka Welfare Trust and Oxfam.

“It was clear despite everything the Nepalese faced, their spirit and resilience never weakened there was a clear sense of care and compassion for each other.

With Covid-19, the world is being pitted against a new challenge. One that is devastating and destructive in its own right and I am heartened to see that once again,” he added.

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In addition to the heartwarming message of the Prince, what caught everyone’s attention was the new haircut and style of Harry. Donning a dark green polo shirt with a spike haircut and a bit rugged bear, the 36-year old seemed to be pretty much in a casual Hollywood like fashion.

the authorAisha Arshad