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Harvey Weinstein Set to Lock a $44 Million Deal With the Accusers

According to a source, $30 Million will directly go to his former employees and his alleged victims


In a recent development in one of the first case of #metoo movement, it has surfaced that Harvey Weinstein along with his company and former associates have reached a $44 Million deal to resolve lawsuits over his misconduct.

According to a direct source, a $14 Million legal fee has been allocated for Weinstein’s defendants of lawsuits. The remaining $30 Million will go to his former employees and the alleged victims.

“The deal will provide significant compensation to victims, creditors of estate, and allow the parties to avoid years of costly, time consuming litigation on all side,” Harvey’s attorney told the judge.

Harvey Weinstein, a former Hollywood film producer and an academy award winner for the 1999 release ‘Shakespeare in Love’ was alleged as a sexual harasser by over 80 women in October 2017. Following the allegations, Harvey was dismissed from his very own entertainment company Miramax and debarred from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In May 2018, Weinstein was arrested and charged with rape and several other misconducts but released on a $1 Million bail. He was made to surrender his passport and was confined to New York and Connecticut; he was also made to wear an ankle monitor.

The social media campaign against the Hollywood bigwig also birthed “Weinstein Effect”; where other powerful men across the globe were called out for similar misconduct.

A civil lawsuit was filed against the Weinstein brothers and their company, which is said to have violated New York’s civil and human rights along with business laws.

“I think this is positive for victims involved and this helps them avoid stress and trauma of full litigation” said the attorney for actress Paz De La Huerta regarding the deal. Paz De La Huerta accused Weinstein of raping her twice, back in 2010.

Moreover, the Judge Mary Walrath will determine the settlement in an upcoming hearing on June 4.

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