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Hasnain Lehri & Sabeeka Imam; The Fault In Their Stars

The two have seemingly been tweeting about unrequited love, disloyalty and dishonesty in a relationship


We all know Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri dated each other for a while. The two had kept their relationship public and therefore when they called it quits, Sabeeka even announced it on social media.

This ended back in December but what is happening currently has left has confused.

If you happen to follow Hasnain Lehri on Twitter you’ll discover the model has been tweeting a lot about unrequited love.

Hasnain tweeted about not being able to change a person by loving them harder.

He even said Shahrukh Khan was a liar when it came to one-sided love.

In fact, Lehri opened up about learning a hard lesson too.


Where Hasnain seems to be referring to his ex, Sabeeka without really being clear, Sabeeka’s Twitter too has been throwing shade at her exes. In fact, the model turned actress has been brave enough to state that so.

First, she tweeted a photo that said she had no intention of  texting back (without mentioning the person)

Then came another attack of words!

And then she pointed out that ‘someone’ was being too dramatic for people to believe in what he did. Although she didn’t name that someone, we all know who could Sabeeka be referring too.

She even said, she didn’t want something that everyone could have? Are you referring to Hasnain Sabeeka? Because we sure as hell would want him!

And the final attack with her words, where Sabeeka simply stated that she had no intentions of being the good woman he could crawl back to!

We really want to know what has been cooking between Sabeeka and Hasnain Lehri as of now?


Recently, we saw singer Bilal Saeed’s Instagram story flooded with Sabeeka Imam and their casual friendly flirting. Is that why Hasnain Lehri’s interest sparked up again? We’re curious people! When you can make the relationship and the breakup public, please do let us know if you’re falling back together!

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