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Here’s BTS’s popular music videos, bagged millions views on YouTube

Recently, in September, the music video for their song ‘Fire’ crossed 600 million views on YouTube.

BTS BTS and other pop stars from Korea will not receive exemptions - OyeYeah

K-pop sensation, BTS debuted 6 years ago and brought a revolution in the music industry all over the world. The rock band released countless songs that gained universal accolades not only for the music but their ultimate music videos.

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Recently, in September, the music video for their song ‘Fire’ crossed 600 million views on YouTube. Instead, it’s not the only music video that gained the most-viewed category alone as there several other most popular most viewed music videos.

BTS has its “DNA” surpassed 800 million views on YouTube

The boy-band’s most popular music video to date is “DNA” that has reached over 800 million views since its music video released in September 2017. The song was part of BTS’s EP Love Yourself: Her and their 2018 compilation album, Love Yourself: Answer.

With “DNA” the boy-band became the only K-pop group to cross 600 million views on YouTube. The song also certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

“Boy With Luv” yet another hit in April 2019

The recent released EP Map of the Soul: Persona in April 2019 has brought another boost to the popular band as its single “Boy With Luv” reached most viewed online video in just 24 hours.

The music video has over 500 million views on YouTube in less than five months. The album Map of the Soul: Persona has sold over 4 million copies worldwide achieving a major milestone.

“Fake Love” grossed third-biggest 24-hour debut of all time

The band released the single “Fake Love” with their album Love Yourself: Tear in 2018 reached the third biggest 24-hour debut breaking BTS’s previous record with 35.9 million views at the time on YouTube.

Prior to the release of “Fake Love”, BTS dropped two teaser videos of the individual members making it one of the most BTS’s anticipated music video.

‘Mic Drop’ and ‘Idol’ both have close to 600 million views

According to Cheatsheet, the music videos “Mic Drop” and “Idol” released in November 2017 and 2018 respectively, are close to reaching 600 million views on YouTube.

Idol’s music video choreography, like DNA, incorporates the toughest choreography BTS performs.

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