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Here’s One Royal Rule Prince George is Allowed to Break

Royals are very rigid about their rules but there's one exception for Prince George


Six year old Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, is obliged to follow all the rules of Royal protocol because of his position as heir to the throne. The young prince however has broken one rule numerous times and that too with permission of Queen Elizabeth.

As per Royal protocol, no two heirs to the throne can air travel together. This is mainly because in initial days of air traveling, the mode was considered unsafe and fatal accidents were not uncommon; thus royal heirs were forbidden to air travel together to protect the lineage.

Now albeit that George and daddy William are third and second in line to the throne, with Prince Charles first heir to the throne, little George has traveled with Prince William numerous times. This is because on Prince George’s first air travel at nine months, Prince William asked for a special permission from the Queen.

In recent years, Prince George and Prince William have traveled by air together to New York, Africa, Mustique and other locations. The Cambridges and soon to travel for another vacation and as per the exemption George and daddy William will share the plane.

However, Prince George’s air travel yesrs with dad are numbered. It is said when the Prince turns 12 years old, he’ll have to oblige by the protocol and cannot travel in the same plane as Prince William. George’s siblings Louis and Charlotte can however travel with their dad for lifetime.

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