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Here’s what Twitter wants Malala to do during her last year at Oxford

Malala Yousafzai recently started off her final year at the prestigious university

Here's what Twitter wants Malala to do During her Last Year at Oxford

It was only yesterday when we covered the news that Malala Yousafzai had registered at Oxford to pursue a degree in pursuing a Philosophy, Politics and Economics. However, the past years have gone by in a blink and the 22 year old is now in her final year at the university.

Studies at Oxford are tough and it doesn’t really matter even if you’re a Nobel Peace Prize winner. You ought to compete against the best to earn your degree at Oxford and times do get tough, especially when its the final year.

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No doubt, Malala too found it tough and thought to turn to Twitter to get some survival tips for her last year at Oxford.


People were quick to give some honest replies to Malala to help her through her last year at the prestigious institute.





Even Mira Sethi had an advice for Malala


However, there were people who called out Malala for showing hypocrisy where the people and plight of the Kashmiris was concerned. Malala, being a Nobel Peace Prize winner and an activist for girls right to education has been quiet this whole time about the Kashmir issue.




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