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Here’s Why Meghan Markle Cannot Find the Perfect Nanny for Baby Archie

Both the parents have set some rules for their two month old baby Archie and they are very particular about them


Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan are the happiest parents on earth and they are often sharing their happiness with their fans. Both the parents have set some rules for their two month old baby Archie and they are very particular about how they want to raise their bundle of joy.


However, in the quest of raising their child – which already takes a village – Meghan is having quite a difficulty in finding the perfect nanny to look after her son.

Earlier Meghan Markle’s mother Doria came to live at Windsor Castle a little before Archie’s birth. While Meghan was contended with her mother taking care of the newborn, the satisfaction only lasted for a while as Doria flew back to her home in L.A when Archie turned six weeks old. And as per recent reports, Duchess of Sussex is now quite concerned on the matter.


But why is there a difficulty in the first place?

English tabloids have reported that since Meghan is known to be a difficult Royal to work with, her staff is often seen leaving quickly. This time as well Archie’s first nanny left in two weeks and the second hired has also reportedly left within a month of her appointment.

It is said that due to Meghan’s strict demands and rigid timelines staff is often found uncomfortable working for the Duchess. Reportedly Meghan has been habitual of emailing her staff as early as 5 a.m. to get her work done immediately. Due to this reason Archie’s nannies, who already have a huge responsibility of raising the royal baby are fretting to work along with the Duchess.

As of now Meghan and Harry are looking for the perfect nanny for Archie and Meghan has taken help from an agency. It is also expected that this time around the Duchess is keen to on finding a U.S national for the service. Let’s hope that the happy parents succeed in their quest soon as Duke and Duchess of Sussex will soon have a tour to Africa.

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