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Here’s why we’re absolutely loving Nabeel Zuberi in Dilruba!

Cheers to Nabeel Zuberi’s heartfelt performance for carrying out Razi’s character with such finesse

Dilruba reviewDilruba - a latest urdu drama serial on Hum TV - OyeYeah News

Dilruba, a drama serial on Hum Tv directed by Ali Hasan and highlights an issue is much forgotten in society – how girls can be just as manipulative as guys if and when they choose to.

The storyline revolves around Sanam (played by Hania Amir), a girl who is replete with pride and arrogance and considers herself to be the most beautiful. She sees giving out signals and getting boys to fall for her as merely passing time and living life to the fullest. As a result, in further episodes, it becomes quite evident to us how this form of enjoyment starts to have some seriously heart-wrenching impacts; men who truly fell for her crying their hearts out and feeling inexplicable sadness as they hear of her true intentions not to mention all the awful things Sanam’s mother has to hear about her daughter’s behaviour.

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A little further into the drama we see the beautiful relationship of Sabi (Mohib Mirza) and Razi (Nabeel Zuberi), 2 brothers not related by blood but by heart and who immensely love each other. With Sabi always being the wise, big brother and Razi displaying qualities we would all love to see in our younger siblings such as an understanding nature, compliance, and care, we are shown proof of how siblings can truly happen to be each other’s best friends forever.

Fast forward to Razi’s wedding when his to-be-wife asks his mother to apologise to her family, we witness the true meaning of ‘a real man’ as Razi refuses to get married into a family which aims to disrespect his mother. Now that’s the kind of man we need in this society! Cheers to Nabeel Zuberi’s heartfelt performance for carrying out Razi’s character with such finesse; playing his joyful, caring self full of compassion and positive energy even amidst times where things seem so uncertain.


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