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Hira Mani draws public criticism over her comments on Dua Zehra’s marriage

Hira Mani has drawn public criticism over her comments on Dua Zehra’s marriage!

Hira Mani uploaded a story on her Instagram and shared her opinion on the case of the kidnapping of minor girl Dua Zehra.

The actress who is quite active on social media, wrote that she hoped Dua and Zaheer never separate, “Mein chahti hoon kay Dua or Zaheer kabhi alag na houn Allah Tala meri yeh dua zarur suniega”.

It’s obvious that the celebrity is unaware of the sensitivity of the case and also about the Child Marriage Laws in the country.

People are super annoyed with her comments leading hashtag #HiraMani trending on Twitter.

Hira Mani’s opinion on Dua Zehra’s case gave her an instant title of Beauty with No Brains and netizens want her to be taken off social media.

A number of social media users also suggested therapy for the actress.





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