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Hira Mani shares thoughts about the widespread pandemic coronavirus

"We're going back to what we should have done a long time ago," says Hira


With all the time on our hands now, thanks to the social distancing and self-isolation the coronavirus lockdown has brought upon us, people have been doing a lot of things they never did earlier.

And this is exactly what Hira Mani has been thinking.

Sharing her thoughts on the isolation that this novel coronavirus has brought upon us all, Hira posted a lengthy note on her Instagram.

The Do Bol actress wrote, “Suddenly, everything is going back to place. Pollution levels have reduced drastically, people finally have time, so much time that they don’t even know what to do with it. Parents now have to time to spend with their children and families. Work stopped being a priority. Suddenly we are going back to what we should have been a long time ago.”

“Now we understand the value of the word solidarity. Suddenly we understand that we are all in the same boat, rich or poor we are all at risk. No food on the shelves and nowhere to go without fear, we are all feeling,” wrote Hira adding that nothing made a difference, especially not the materialistic things people owned.

Hira stated that people were the real problem destroying the planet as the world had started to heal in a few days that humans had been confined for.

“In just few days, the world is starting to breathe, heal and hopefully this will be a lesson for everyone when this all ends,” stated the Ghalti star.

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