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Hira Mani’s Has A Useful Suggestion For Prime Minister Imran Khan

Hira wants IK to include Mustafa Kamal in his team


Hira Mani and her husband Salman Sheikh aka Mani have been avid supporters of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf and Imran Khan. The two voted for PTI and have always stood by the decisions made by the government ever since it came into power.

And now, since they have been loyal Insafians, Hira and Mani both came up with suggestions they thought could work best in the current situation where the coronavirus has taken over everything in Pakistan.

Now, Hira and Mani want Imran Khan to include Mustafa Kamal in his team fighting against coronavirus. Mustafa Kamal had been the mayor of Karachi earlier and has handled a lot of difficult situations in the region. Hira and Mani now believe that these are tough times and Mustafa Kamal being a true patriot can fill in the role for damage control in Karachi, if given the power.

“I really respect and love Imran Khan Sahab. I think that Imran Khan needs the right people in his team. And Mustafa Kamal will do really well if he has the right leader. He’s educated and he’s got experience. He has proven that he has managed crises. He has proven that he can manage crises well – so Mustafa Kamal should be trusted by Imran Khan as well,” said Hira.

Even Mani believes the same when it comes to the PTI government and its team.

“Given the monetary aid and grants flowing in the country due to coronavirus, a lot of corruption will also surface. Mr. Kamal can combat the problems that Karachi is facing at the moment,” stated Mani.

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