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Hollywood legend Al Pacino to hit stage in Paris next month

Hollywood and stage hotshot, Al Pacino, is scheduled to perform solo in Paris in the month of October.

His solo show, “An Evening with Al Pacino”  was premiered in London, in 2013. It was a huge success, and people could not get enough of it. Therefore, it was announced as an exclusive one-man show by Al Pacino that is to take place in different parts of the world. It has held in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Dallas and Buenos Aires. The next spot is Paris.

In an interview with Le Figaro, a French morning newspaper, Al Pacino said,

“I have long dreamed of playing in Paris”

Playing in the French capital will sure bring his dream to life, and so will his fans’. The excitement in people can already be seen. In past shows, every single attendee of the show felt too casual with Pacino, and most people remarked him as ‘the most down to earth, funny yet scary bad boy of the industry’. 

Al Pacino on stage in Buenos Aires – An Evening with Al Pacino


Besides being a Hollywood giant, Pacino has had incredible success as a stage performer. Yet his theater performances are what people drool over and die for. His theatrical career had a successful turn after he played in Shakespeare’s Othello and his performance in the play is still notable. This is another reason why his show ‘An Evening with Al Pacino’ is a hit. Because in his one-man show, he not only gets casual with audience, but also performs some of his famous shots from his movies like The Godfather, Scarface and Donnie Brasco. What interests people more is that they are open to ask him to perform whatever they want to see him perform.

Al Pacino in Dallas – An Evening with Al Pacino

Al Pacino will perform on 22nd and 23rd October at the Théâtre de Paris for two solo shows where he will talk about not only his personal life or film career but also shed light on his experiences in theater.

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