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Hugh Jackman Takes Out Wolverine Claw in Response to Being Called Fraud by Ryan Reynolds

It wasn’t long before that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman – who have been long involved in social media tussle – called for a truce. However, as it turns out the two can’t keep their wit against each other in control and have to throw shade wherever possible.

Recently, Reynolds appeared in Today Show Australia, which airs in Jackman’s home country, and of course, the anchor asked him about the Les Miserables actor.

“He’s just an evil person,” Reynolds said. “I mean, you guys have all been duped. You think he’s this benevolent ambassador to your country. People don’t realize he’s from Winnipeg, Canada,” he added as he savagely threw shade on his rival.

It didn’t Jackman long to respond to the Deadpool actor. Taking it to Twitter, he posed with a wolverine claw with a middle finger stuck out.

“Who you callin’ a fraud?”, reads the picture caption.

The two actors have been long involved in a social media feud for apparently unknown reasons, however, their bantering is hilarious for the fans. Earlier, when Jackman received Order of Australia honor, Reynolds congratulated him but with HUGE puns.

“Receiving the Order of Australia is a HUGE deal. And despite what I tell anyone who’ll listen, Hugh Jackman is one of the finest, kindest, hardest working, generous and most talented people I’ve had the privilege to call my friend. There’s nobody better. None of this changes the fact he’s a complete bastard,” the Hobs and Shaw actor had tweeted.

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