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Humaima Malick claims she has been harassed at The Nishat Hotel

Humaima also stated that the hotel has posted pictures without her consent for free publicity.


Not very long ago, Meesha Shafi used social media to come forward and  speak against Ali Zafar for sexual misconduct. Now, superstar Humaima Malick has publicly claimed that she has been harassed during her stay at The Nishat Hotel.

“I am sharing my experience because I think its high time when i should come forward and share my experience against harassment and how an educated class also chose to ignore it and take such important issues lightly,” she posted mentioning that a  business card was slipped through her door.

“Be aware if you lose a loved one and someone dies in your family while staying at Nishat – you cannot cry in your room otherwise people might drop business cards,” she added.


Humaima Malick also shared screenshots of the conversation the harasser had tried to have with her during her stay,


Nishat Hotel has yet to give a statement about the entire situation but  if this isn’t the invasion of privacy, we don’t know what is!


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