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I Love My Wife Very Much and I’ll Express It, Says Yasir Hussain About PDA

Yasir Hussain more often than not stays in the news due to his social media presence and things that he says or does over there. Recently, it was his and wife Iqra Aziz’s PDA (Public Display of Affection) that caught everyone’s eye and did not sit well with some.

But has anyone’s opinion ever stopped the Baandi actor from doing what he does? Nope, and this was his answer this time too.

“One should keep expressing their love for their life partner, both privately and publicly as well,” Yasir wrote in Urdu on an Instagram post.

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“Some people find it okay, others may not. I know those who stare at other people’s wives and don’t even take a look at their own. Some are shy of their own wives,” the Jhooti actor continued.

To conclude it, Yasir said, “I love my wife a lot and I will not hold back from expressing it neither I would care about anyone. What somebody thinks is not my problem, and shouldn’t be yours either.”

Aisha Arshad

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