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“I think I lived Husn e Jahan,” Kubra Khan speaks about Alif

Kubra Khan is a name not unknown when it comes to the entertainment industry in Pakistan. The actress not only has a number of hit dramas to her credit, but she also has two high grossing films to her name as well, one of which was her debut in the entertainment industry.

Not only that, currently, Kubra Khan, is one of the most sought after actresses in Pakistan and is portraying a significant character in the ongoing hit drama serial Alif on Geo Entertainment.

Kubra Khan plays Husn E Jahan in Alif and has managed to wow the audience with her character. However, not many people know that Kubra Khan felt a special connection with Husn E Jahan before she took up the role. The actress recently opened up about her character in an interview with BBC Asian Network, talking about playing Husn E Jahan and her journey to spirituality.

Talking about Alif, Kubra shared, “Alif came to me at a point where I was… not in the best place. I was at a dark place in my life at that point.” The actress went on to add that she had started questioning her reason to continue in the industry at one point in her career.

“When Alif came and I read the script, I fell in love with Husn e Jahan. I could relate to her in so many ways,” stated Kubra, sharing how Husn e Jahan’s journey could mimic her own.

In Alif, Kubra plays, Husn e Jahan, an acclaimed actress, and prolific dancer. The woman leaves everything behind to marry a man she loves and moves to Turkey but there is more to this than just her love for the man.

Kubra added that Husn e Jahan’s love for the man stemmed from his love of Allah. Following her husband’s closeness with his creator Husn E Jahan herself experiences a closeness to Allah which she has never done before and therefore when she comes back to the entertainment industry in Pakistan and resumes dancing, she’s dancing again, but her soul is dead.

“Husn e Jahan is in the entertainment industry, but nobody knows what’s her core. I’m in the entertainment industry too, but nobody knows my core either. I’m [known as] that person who has an item song — but nobody knows what I do at home or that I pray or have a connection with Allah,” shared Kubra adding that she didn’t just act Husn E Jahan but she actually lived her character.

“She changed my life so much that I really became engrossed into it,” Kubra stated talking about how the character made her experience each and every thing a mother would feel for her child as she did for Pehlaaj, just like his mom.

Watch the full interview here and let us know what you feel about Kubra’s journey and her character Husn E Jahan in Alif.

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