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Withdraw the Statement About Pornography, Amna Ilyas Criticizes PM’s Statement

PM statement About Pornography!

Fame Pakistani Actress and model Amna Ilyas had criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement about pornography.

Baaji star wants PM to withdraw his statement, adding, ” otherwise, at least for me, you are not my Prime Minister from today”.

“I urge the Prime Minister to clarify his point, as much as you have focused on vulgarity (obscenity) if even 50% of it is law”. Amna said you can observe the video.

According to details, during a direct telephone conversation with the public on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said about the increasing incidents of rape in the country, “When you spread obscenity in the society, the incidents of rape will increase.”

He moreover said that the strict ordinances have been brought to prevent incidents of abuse, our religion has taught us the veil to save the family system, behind the veil ideology of Islam is to save the family system and protect women, when If you spread obscenity in the society, the incidence of rape will increase.

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The Prime Minister’s statement ignited a warp of opinions on social media. Human rights groups, including several prominent women, condemned PM Imran Khan’s statement and demanded to withdraw the statement.

The Baaji actress further said that you are the one whose voice is heard all over the country. Explaining the purpose the voting for Imran Khan she said “I thought you were not as irresponsible as Modi and Trump, so I voted for you.” If you are interested in taking a U-turn anyway, please withdraw your statement. Otherwise, at least for me, you are not my Prime Minister from today.

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