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Oyeyeah Exclusive: In Conversation with Shafaq Habib, Pakistan’s Ace Jewellery Designer

Recently, she designed bridal jewellery set for top actress Iqra Aziz and everyone fell in love with it instantly.

Shafaq HabibShafaq Habib's designed pieces speak in volumes of her creativity and sophistication - OyeYeah News

Here at Oyeyeah, we had a chance to have a chit chat with Pakistan’s ace jewellery designer, Shafaq Habib.

She has been in the field for the last 3 or 4 decades and her designed pieces speak in volumes of her creativity and sophistication.  Her unique contemporary jewellery articles are equally popular all around the world.

Recently, she designed bridal jewellery set for top actress Iqra Aziz and everyone fell in love with it instantly.

Having her talk about her passion for jewellery and designing left us impressed with her simple and elegant personality as well.

Here is the excerpt of Oyeyeah’s conversation with Shafaq Habib:

OY: What brought you in the field of jewellery designing and jewellery making.
ShafaqHabib: I have always been very fond of jewellery and while living in New York I craved jewellery that was a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. That led me to create my own style and eventually, it became a brand.

OY. Tell us about your source of inspiration behind your designs.
SH- As I travel a lot, I take inspiration from different cultures and art forms to fuse with my own ethnic taste.

OY. Are there any stories attached to the pieces you design?
SH-Yes, some of them have a story attached like the green emerald and beryl set which was inspired by the motifs of old Byzantine jewellery with their delicate geometric patterns.

OY. Any specific piece of jewellery you’ve designed that is very close to your heart?
SH- I work hard on each of my creations. A few pieces of my Egyptian collection really came out beautiful and created quite a sensation back in the year 2001 and I still see people wearing it with pride.

OY. Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?
SH- I use unconventional colors and shapes. Like using turquoise and amber in bridal sets. I also like to challenge the traditional Way jewellery is worn. Like taking the jhumer and making it a multipurpose piece. For example, it can be worn as a tikka or brooch also.

OY. Your biggest jewellry pet peeve? Something you’d never incorporate into your designs?
SH- I don’t like heavy gold look with too many patterns and always prefer jewelry with stones and pearls in simple patterns.

OY. Which is your faourite stone or particular jewellery item you enjoy designing more, say earrings or necklace or bangle.
SH- My favourite stones are pearls which I incorporate in almost every design. I enjoy every design I make, I try to put my all in each item while playing with colors of stones and using different techniques in one piece to create a different design every time.


OY. You have been in the field for the last 3 or 4 decades how do you find the evolution in the jewellery pieces in the Pakistani market.
SH- I feel people are becoming more aware of the practical aspects of jewelry. I have always believed jewellery should be wearable, multipurpose and timeless.

OY. We came to know you also designed Jewellery for Iqra Aziz wedding, tell us a bit of detail. Were there any particular demands.
SH- It was an amazing experience while designing Iqra Aziz’s bridal set. She wanted a traditional gold necklace with a tikka and jhumer and I designed accordingly. It was made in Kundan with pearls.



OY. Any worth sharing experience while designing any particular piece.
SH- My recent experience of working with Iqra Aziz for her bridal jewellery was great. She is a wonderful person besides being a very talented actress. I was very impressed by her personal conduct and respects for others.

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