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Indian Stand Up Comedian Dies Onstage Performing in Dubai

Manjunath Naidu suffered a cardiac arrest during his performance


Indian-origin stand up comedian Manjunath Naidu suffered a cardiac arrest while performing his act in Dubai, and passed away on spot. The audiences however assumed that it was a part of his act where he was comically speaking about his anxiety issues.

During his Friday night stage routine, Manjunath complained of high level of anxiety on stage and sat down on the bench next to him. The 36-year old then collapsed onto the floor while the audiences assumed it to be an act from his side.

It was however a few moments later people realized that the comedian indeed needed medical aid. The paramedics reaching the venue could not revive him.

“He was the last act in the line-up. He went on stage and was making people laugh with his stories. He was talking about his father and family. And then he got into a story of how he suffers from anxiety. And a minute into the story he collapsed,” said Miqdad Dohadwala, a fellow comedian, while talking to Khaleej Times.

The 36-year old belonged to Indian family settle in Abu Dhabi. After his parents demise, Manjunath had moved to Dubai from Abu Dhabi and was settled there.

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