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Iqra Aziz and Sharmila Faruqi debate over “Father changing child’s diapers coolest thing or not?”

Father changing their child’s diapers and clothes the coolest thing or not? that is what our celebrities are debating over!

Iqra Aziz recently took to Instagram to share a picture of her husband – Yasir Hussain – changing the diaper of their newborn son.

Whilst most of us consider this to be a very heartwarming thing to watch and appreciate; PPP politician Sharmila Sharmila Faruqi believes that this is not something unique or out of the ordinary to see. She remarked that parental responsibilities should be shared between the couple.

“A pamper and clothing change session before leaving for work,” Iqra captioned her Instagram post.

“PS he changed Kabir’s clothes for the first time, I am so proud of you Yasir Hussain, you’ve helped me so much in this new phase of my motherhood from pamper changes to holding him while I rest for a bit, and making me breakfasts,” Khuda Aur Mohabbat star added.

Responding to Iqra Aziz’s post, Sharmila said,  “I’m so glad your husband is hands-on but it’s nothing to be proud of or anything special. All good, involved fathers do this for their kids.”

“My husband bathes, changes diapers, feeds, and takes our son for his pre-school if I’m at work or unwell. And he loves it,” Sharmila added.

Well if someone is appreciating someone for doing something, what’s wrong with it?  What are your thoughts on the matter?

Iqra Aziz didn’t spare the remarks and responded in her Instagram story.

Instagram a place where people often share about their personal choices, success, and achievements, seems like turning into a battleground and a place to argue over rather than appreciating.

If you can’t handle someone bragging over something, move over, learn to appreciate, and enjoy life.

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