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Iqra Aziz gives a clear hint about dating Yasir Hussain

Iqra commented “baecation” on Yasir’s post which instantly caught social media users’ attention.


Renowned Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz is on her vacation in Thailand with her rumoured boyfriend, actor and host Yasir Hussain.

The duo aren’t shying away from giving their fans refreshes from their excursion and the pictures of their trip seem to be continually surfacing on the internet indicating the two are in love and fans are already smart enough to get a hint.

Recently, Yasir on his Instagram handle shared a picture of him with a post which reads “I love you all” and Iqra was quick to reply him. She commented “baecation” on the post which instantly caught social media users’ attention as she were confessing to her love.

The Pakistani stars are giving major vacation goals at one side, while at the other, fans are gushing over their sentimentalist photos and videos the duo have been sharing on Instagram. Some critics have also filed their hate remarks on the actors’ post.

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Earlier, Yasir, while giving a warning to critics wrote on his Instagram, “Stay happy and let others too, otherwise my assistant will block you then how will you see and comment on my post?”


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