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Is Lindsay Lohan Dating Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman?

It is not new for Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan to get twirled up in controversies, however this time the rumor is bizarre even for someone with the reputation of the Parent Trap star. Speculation is that actress turned businesswoman Lindsay is dating the infamously famous Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

As per sources, Prince Salman has been flying around Lindsay in his private jets and has been really generous with gifts of extravagant nature – one of them including a gift-wrapped credit card.


Furthermore friends of Lindsay – who have been settled in Dubai for last six years – claim to see exchange of messages between the two and have not shown surprise over a middle eastern dignitary dating the Hollywood alum.

“They go crazy for her out there,” said one Dubai based pal of Lindsay while talking to Page Six.


However one of Lindsay’s representatives has denied the rumor of the star dating the prince and added that the two merely know each other. The representative further stated that the 33-year old has only met the crown prince once last year at a Formula One Grand Prix race.

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