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Is Mahira Khan throwing subtle shade at haters in new Instagram post?

Desi me rollin’ they hatin, writes Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan, the name needs no introduction. The gorgeous beauty is a splendid actress and a world icon, who has represented Pakistan at numerous global platforms. The best thing about Mahira Khan is the fact that she has always stayed true to her profession and her passion for acting, no matter how much hate and supposed ‘leaks’ and controversies that come her way.

Despite all the hard work she puts in, there are still remarks that come her way. But Mahira is strong and lets nothing come her way. This time, taking a subtle hint at all the trolls who have been poking her, Mahira threw a subtle shade.

“Desi me rollin’ they hatin, wrote Mahira Khan on her Instagram.


Supporting Mahira, were her friends and co-stars. Ali Kazmi, commented on her Instagram, writing, “🤗Go big or go home! And you ain’t never goin home champion 🤘🏼@Mahirahkhan”

Next, it was Kubra Khan, who came up to stand by Mahira too, “Hahahahah! I live for puns! 🤣
And let’s them hate. Sanu ki? AC te too cool for them ❄️💃🏻”

Ayesha Omar, who herself has always been savage to all trolls, commented,” Hatin’ is lovin’ in disguisin’ ❤️”

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