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Jacqueline Fernandez Takes on Hijab,Here’s Why

Known for her bold and beautiful appearance, Jacqueline Fernandez recently surprised her fans as she was seen wearing a hijab in her girl’s night out pictures. The actress was hanging out with her friends in Indian city Nainital.

Taking it to Instagram, the 33-year-old actress shared some pictures of her fun time with friends.


“A little MoMo adventure in Nainital with these cuties!! #postshootmuchies,” she wrote.

However many notice the scarf on her head which was unusual for the actress.

She later explained that the reason behind donning a veil (naqab) and the scarf was to maintain anonymity as she headed out with her girlfriends to enjoy a simple night out.


Given the stardom and its aftermath all celebrities endure, one cannot deny the smartness behind Jacqueline’s idea.


The actress shared that she intends to do it more often than fans assume. After all, holding a balloon in one hand and covered face is not something one would expect from the superstar who is eager to have some time out like a regular person.

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