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Jason Mamoa Visits Children Hospital Showing His Softer Side

The actor sure did some superheroic stuff

Jason MamoaJason Mamoa Met so many brave strong babies and while playing arm wrestling with a kid - OyeYeah News

Jason Momoa, the star hunk of Aquaman, never stops winning our heart with his sweet gestures.

Recently, Momoa visited UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to showcase his true superhero virtues. He spent time with kids who have been hospitalized due to serious ailments.

The children sure did have a good time and each smile was heart-melting. It is a good reminder that these kids are the real superheroes of life-fighting so bravely against their illness. Momoa just added extra support to their strength by giving them a good cheer up.

One of the kids even strong-armed Momoa in arm wrestling and won the Aquaman trident. How cool is that now?

Momoa shared his gratitude in an Instagram post “The greatest part of being Aquaman is making children happy spreading aloha.”

He further shared “Had a little time before work to stop by UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Met so many brave strong babies. All my aloha to the families. Me and Joshua bet that if he beat me in arm wrestling he gets to have my trident. See u on the set of Aquaman 2, Joshua.”


Aquaman 2 which is in the works, is set to be released at the end of the year 2022. Boy, that is a long wait, but we’re excited about it.

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