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Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi arrive in Lahore

The couple entered Pakistan via Wagha Border. The famous pair will be this weekend to be a part of two-day Faiz International Mela


Famous Indian poet Javed Akhtar and Bollywood veteran actor Shabana Azmi arrived in Lahore on Thursday to attend 4th Faiz International Festival.

The couple entered Pakistan via Wagha Border. The famous pair will be here this weekend to be a part of two-day Faiz International Mela. Javed Akhtar met Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar at the governor house.

According to an administration official, the veteran actor Azmi will make her appearance during a special event held under the name of ‘Kaifi and Faiz’ in the literary mela.

In the event, more than 100 scholars, speakers and panelists is going to participate. While performances by more than 30 national and international artists are also slated to spellbound the audience.

On the first of the festival, two performances including “An Evening with Tahira Syed named Yaad Ki Rah Guzar” and “A Play by Ajoka Threatre named Kaala Mainda Bhesa” dedicated to Madeeha Gohar will be held.

Besides, an event featuring Shabana Azmi, Salima Hashmi, Adeel Hashmi and Mira Hashmi will also take place. Likewise, an exhibition is also part of today’s event.

The literary Mela is one of the most awaited events of the year by the Lahoris and has a great place in their hearts. The purpose of the event is to acknowledge the work of the great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, who is popular not only in Pakistan but across the world.

The festival is being organized to pay homage to the legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz, who received the Lenin Peace Prize by the Soviet Union back in 1962 and his writings have inspired generations, not only in Pakistan, but around the world. Due to this, the gala will witness many international guests present.

In the event, along with local audiences, foreign guests will also be attending the fete.

The gala is all set to run from November 16 to November 18 this year at Lahore’s Alhamra Hall.

Likewise, 4th Faiz International Festival, Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF), held in April, have also witnessed the artists from international gallery, During PIFF Indian actor and director Nandita Das and critically acclaimed filmmaker S.S.Rajamouli, set foot on Pakistani soil after an extensive gap of many years.

Recently, Indian script writer and independent filmmaker Ashwini Malik have visited Karachi and attended the four-day workshop on screenwriting.

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