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Jemima Goldsmith is wondering for well being of her Pakistani friends amidst coronavirus breakout

Goldsmith took to her Twitter to send love to her friends in Pakistan


While 200 countries in the world are reeling for the outburst of the pandemic coronavirus, people have been making sure to maintain social distancing and staying in their homes.

But, staying at home doesn’t mean that you cannot ask about a loved one, even though you’re away.

Following the same thought, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife Jemima Goldsmith took to social media to ask after her “Pakistani Twitter friends” amid lockdown due to the pandemic.

Jemima Goldsmith sent warmth and love Pakistan’s way and said that she recognised how coronavirus had made situations difficult in the UK but how they were so much harder in Pakistan.

“I’m mindful that however hard this is for so many people here in the UK, conditions are so much harder for you in Pakistan,” wrote Jemima on her Twitter while she sent virtual love and salam to all.

Coronavirus has spread its claws in Pakistan for an indefinite period of time. Even with the country on lockdown, the number of COVID19 cases has escalated to 2818 while the number of deaths has jumped to 41 in Pakistan.

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