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Jennifer Aniston Thinks Marvel Movies are Diminishing Cinema

After Martin Scorsese blasted Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies earlier last month by comparing the franchise to a theme park and not real cinema, actress Jennifer Aniston has also come out with similar opinions.

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Talking about online streaming sites which have now provided work for the actress as she moved from movie to online platforms, she elaborated as to why Jenny finds films unattractive now.

“And then you’re seeing what’s available out there and it’s just diminishing and diminishing in terms of, it’s big Marvel movies. Or things that I’m not just asked to do or really that interested in living in a green screen,” said the 50-year old Friends alum.

Talking about how Marvel has changed cinema in the last two years with over 7 releases with 6 more lines up for the next two years, she recalled her favorites from the 80s.

“I just think it would be nice to go to a movie theatre, sit cozily. I think we should have a resurgence. Let’s get the Terms of Endearment back out there. You know, Heaven Can Wait, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Goodbye Girl,” said Jennifer.

“It’s changed so much. I think we would so love to have the era of Meg Ryan come back,” she added.

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