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Jennifer Aniston Wants American Voters to Take These Things Into Account This Election

The Friends star has a comprehensive list of reasons for voting


The United States will have its presidential elections in the next two months and celebrities from all over the country are more than ever actively engaging in political activism. Jennifer Aniston has the perfect advice for voters who are still not sure of whom to pick between Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate and former Obama Vice President Joe Biden.

Taking it to Instagram the Friends star shared a comprehensive list of reasons voters should take into account when they go out to vote in November.

“Vote as if,” the 50-year old shared on her Instagram story.

“Your skin is not white. Your parents need medical care. Your spouse is an immigrant. Your land is on fire. Your child is transgender. Your house is flooded. Your sister is a victim of gun violence. Your brother is gay. Your water is unsafe,” her much important post said.

“Because privilege has no place in the election. But empathy does,” concluding aptly on the crux of all issues the world faces, privileged attitudes vs empathy.


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