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Jessica Simpson flaunts100-pound weight loss in Christmas photo

The singer-turned-fashion-designer flaunted her weight loss throughout the year.

Jessica Simpson weightJessica Simpson flaunts100-pound weight loss - OyeYeah News

Jessica Simpson flaunts her100-pound weight loss in Christmas photo. However, the gig was an epic fail as starlet thought the photo captured was to be waist length only!

American singer, actress, fashion designer, and author who turned 40 earlier this year, flaunted her fit frame in a holiday-inspired red-and-white onesie shared was shared on her social media accounts.

“So I thought Eric was taking a photo from the waist up…,” Simpson captioned her photo.

The singer-turned-fashion-designer has been flaunting her weight loss throughout the year.

Earlier this year her personal trainer Harley Pasternak had credited her toned legs to getting in 14,000 steps a day and full-body workouts.

Check out her Christmas celebarations being shared on social media:


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