JK Rowling trolls Donald Trump over misspelled tweet

'pour' spelling was corrected in later tweet!


JK Rowling has mocked Donald Trump on Twitter. She pointed out which could be an unfortunate typo in a tweet he posted to show off about his writing ability. Trump defended his tweeting style on Twitter admitting that he took pride in his writing ability. Instead of “pore over,” which means to study carefully, Trump wrote “pour over.”

Soon after that tweet was removed and new one with correct word was tweeted, in which “pour” was replaced with “pore.”

The bestselling Harry Potter author, who has sold over 500 million books across the world, was so amused by President Trump’s error that she filled her Twitter feed with laughter. She kept writing “hahaha” for lines on end.

The author still found the incident hilarious that she continued to tweet for a while; in her next tweet she included the word “pour”.

And the world famous author wasn’t the only one who found the president’s typo amusing. Merriam Webster’s (The dictionary by Merriam-Webster is America’s most trusted online dictionary for English word definitions, meanings, and pronunciation) twitter account also mocked the president, pointing out the grammatical difference between the words.

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