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John Cena fulfills a Ukrainian war refugee’s dream

American actor and former wrestler John Cena, during a recent European trip, made time to connect with a the young fan with Down’s Syndrome

John Cena with Misha RohozhynJohn Cena with Ukrainian Misha Rohozhyn | OyeYeah News

John Cena has fulfilled a Ukrainian war refugee’s dream!

Misha Rohozhyn, a Ukrainian refugee with Down’s Syndrome was confused and stressed about being forced to leave his home in the face of the Russian invasion.

Rohozhyn, 19, who is non-verbal, was told by his mother that the family was traveling for a face-to-face meeting with wrestling great and film/TV star John Cena, Misha’s personal hero.

Cena came to know that mother of the child told a fantasy story to help the boy with the special needs escape the worn-torn country.

Cena travelled to the boy’s residence outside Amsterdam where the refugees had been staying.

Cena turned Liana’s (boy’s mother) fantasy into reality!


As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Misha Rohozhyn, a non-verbal 19-year-old with Down syndrome, escaped Ukrine with his mother, Liana Rohozhyn, after their home in Mariupol was destroyed, and Liana encouraged Misha throughout the journey by telling him they were on their way to see his hero, Cena.

“When I read about Misha’s story, it reached out to me — not just Misha’s story, but the story of Misha’s mom as well. Having three days off from work right at the time when I read this story, and being an hour away by air, it turned immediately into, ‘We’re going,’” Cena can be seen explaining in a video shared on social media.

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