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Johnny Depp Completes a Painting He Started 14 Years Ago

The actor utilized the plenty of time he has got during the stay at home order

Johnny Depp's PaintingThe actor finally completed a painting in 14 years - OyeYeah News

The lockdown has provided everyone with a massive opportunity to take time out from their usual boring and hectic routines and go back to their old hobbies and of course plenty of me-time. The same happened with Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp as he stayed home amid lockdown.

The actor finally completed a painting of a wine bottle which he started 14 years ago in 2006.

In his Instagram post, he shared the picture of his artwork with a caption, “It’s odd, the things that we once gave such pure, intense focus and devotion to for months on end. Then suddenly the wind shifts and off we go on a new tack. And for far too long, these earlier interests or passions sadly fall by the wayside and recede into the vast recesses of some hoarder’s crawlspace in the brain cloaked in heaps of the other things that my skull had no room for…until recently.”

The actor stumbled across the unfinished work during the lockdown and set his mind to complete the unfinished business after 14 years since he started to make it.

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“Even while we are forced to live in the immediate, some strange species of the interrupted passion that has been invested in an object we once focused on awaits our return from far away. I will keep you apprised of the progress! All Love, JD,” he further added.


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