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Kanye West Manipulated Taylor Swift into Allowing Insulting Lyrics

The Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud that began over West’s song lyrics that were offensive for Taylor has not gotten over yet. In the latest leaked video, in fact, West has landed in further hot water for lying and the maligning Taylor’s reputation.

In the leaked audio, Taylor – who was mentioned in West’s song Famous in a derogatory manner – is seen asking the rapper if the lyrics he’s using are of offensive nature and whether she can listen to his song prior to release. West in response assures the singer that the song isn’t offensive at all and shared lyrics with her that were later changed.

The song that eventually came out had lyrics like “For all my Southside [expletive] as that know me best. I feel like me and Taylor might still have [expletive] Why? I made that [expletive] famous ([expletive]) I made that [expletive] famous”.

This made Taylor publicly address Kanye and reiterated that she was in fact manipulated into allowing him the song. West maintained that Taylor had prior knowledge of the song that was coming.

However with the latest leaked phone call, it is evident that Taylor was indeed manipulated by Kim Kardashian’s husband and now the matter has gotten further dirty for West.

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