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Karachi Rains: Sajal Aly urges fans to stay safe as metropolis records highest downpour in a day

Amidst the heavy rainfall in Karachi that claimed 47 lives in various incidents, Pakistan actress Sajal Aly is urging fans to stay home as the record- shattering downpours battered the city on Thursday.

The actress  also shared some emergency helpline numbers for Karachi on her Instagram for any kind of emergency, “Our heart goes out to everyone suffering because of the rains.”

The Alif actress is also praying the safety of the people, she said “May Allah turn it into a blessing.”

Sajal Aly insta post

Meanwhile, the Met Department has predicted more rains with thunderstorm from Saturday.

According to a new advisory issued by the Met Department, the new monsoon spell will enter the city tomorrow after which more rain is forecast from Saturday night. It will last until Monday morning.

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