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Kate Middleton thanks Pakistani designer appreciating her help with her wardrobe

The Duchess sent a thank you letter to Khadijah Shah thanking her for her help during the Royal's Pakistan tour

Kate letterKate sent a letter of warm appreciation to Pakistani designer - OyeYeah

Kate Middleton recently won a lot of Pakistani hearts during her trip to Pakistan. Although it was the Duchess of Cambridge’s warm personality and gracious nature that appealed to the masses, a lot of Pakistani men and women also appreciated Kate’s choice of wardrobe during her stay in Pakistan.

It is commendable that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, honored Pakistani traditions during her stay in the country but it should be noticed that it was the help of Pakistani designers that made it possible for Kate to do so. And therefore, when Kate sent a letter of warm appreciation to Pakistani designer, Khadijah Shah, brand Elan’s creative director, it was very much deserved.

Khadijah Shah recently shared the warm thank you note she received from Kate Middleton appreciating her help with her wardrobe throughout her stay in Pakistan.

“I was delighted to have even been considered, this is just humbling to a whole different level. However what’s most commendable is the consideration, grace, and thoughtfulness of HRH Duchess Catherine, it is no wonder that she is so respected and beloved,” wrote Khadijah while she shared the letter she received from Kate on her Twitter.

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“Thank you so much for all of your help ahead of my tour to Pakistan. I am so grateful to you and your team for the wonderful selection you made for me to choose from,” wrote the Duchess, not forgetting to add that she had found Pakistan to be a wonderful country and would hope to return one day soon.


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