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Katrina Kaif Considers Salman Khan ‘Fitness Icon’

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, who recently shared the screen together in Bharat, have been involved in a lot of on and off screen banter lately; and one of their mutual topic of interest is fitness.

While Katrina is known to be fitness enthusiast as the Bollywood actress is often seen sweating around in the gym, it’s her buddy Salman Khan who has taken fitness goals to a whole new level. His latest post, straight outta gym, has left everyone in awe including his Bharat co-star.


“Salman is a fitness icon and it’s very inspiring to see the actor passionately follow his physical targets. And he takes his fitness training very seriously,” said the Rajneeti actress in an interview.


“It’s just amazing how his passion for fitness is growing with every passing day,” added Katrina.

Salman has recently been sharing quite many posts of his fitness regime on social media and often the actor is seen in the gym where he gives serious fitness goals to his fans. On the back of his passion for staying fit, Salman has also announced to open 300 gyms in India by 2020.


On the other hand Katrina is also keen on keeping herself fit and in shape. The actress also endorses various sports and fitness brands due to her personal interest in rigorous workout routine.



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