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Kit Harrington spotted in London after seeking rehab facility

Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington is back to his normal life after recovering from stress.

Recently, the 32-year-old actor was spotted walking around in London. Kit was seeking treatment at a wellness centre in Connecticut. The actor donned navy blue T-shirt with grey pant hold a cup of coffee and a leather bag over his shoulder as he strolled.

Reports revealed that, the Game of Thrones actor left the rehab facility about a week ago and is back to home in London.

“He’s feeling a bit better and forging ahead. It was a positive experience for him to get away and be able to recharge without the day to day stresses and outside influences,” source close to Harrington told international media. “He got some clarity and is feeling hopeful.”

It has also reported that during his time at the wellness center “he learned a lot about himself and is much focused on feeling better.”

“He’s taking small steps and living one day at a time,” sources shared to various international media outlets.

The actor’s returning to normal life makes him happy and he is ‘ready to get back to life’.

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