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Kubra Khan Has A Message For Surviving The Coronavirus Pandemic

"We literally are in this together," said Kubra


In the wake of coronavirus pandemic and the ever-growing cases in Pakistan, celebrities in the country have taken on the role of influencers, sharing health awareness and using their reach to tell people to behave responsibly.

In the same manner, actress Kubra Khan, too, took to her social media to not only comment on the gravity of the matter but also share warning and health advice for her fans.

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“About a month ago all of us were dealing with different kinds of problems, emotional problems, financial problems.. champagne problems. And now.. in the end.. we’ve all gone back to the beginning.. simply trying to survive. Life can take a turn at any point. this time it has for all of us together. We literally are in this together… but for us to get through this we need to take this seriously. I see a lot of people laughing this off… it’s not a joke. People have and are dying because of it,” said Kubra.


Adding further Kubra doled out helpful advice about how to best fight off coronavirus and stay safe at a time like this.

“I can’t stress enough. Please take this seriously. This is in real term “survival of the fittest”. • Take your daily vitamins. • strengthen your immune system. • Wash hands often • Use hand Sanitizers, • wear masks and gloves when outside • Keep in check with body temperature ( It needs to be much under 100f ) • Eat Clean • Exercise at home •And Lastly, the toughest one for many, Self Isolate. At the end, there are no guarantees, but the least we can do is take precautions for ourselves.. our family and friends,” stated the Alif Allah Aur Insaan actress.

Pakistan has already reported 3 deaths due to Coronavirus. If things keep going at the same rate and people don’t practice social distancing and safety measures as being prescribed, we won’t be far behind Italy and Iran in the coronavirus death toll. And that would be a dark time indeed.

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