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Madam Noor Jehan’s Daughter Nazia Ejaz Gears Up for Art Exhibition in Her Mother’s Memory

Titled Love Letters, the art exhibition is set to take place in Karachi, on October 8

Nazia Ejaz Gears Up for Art Exhibition in Her Mother's Memory

Singing icon Madam Noor Jehan’s youngest daughter Nazia Ejaz is an established artist, and while many would know her for her abstract art paintings, her upcoming work is based upon a larger than life theme. Titled Love Letters, Nazia’s exhibition will cover her journey with her mother and her vision of Noor Jehan an empowered woman.


“These artworks are my vision of Noor Jehan the woman, who was truly a symbol of female empowerment,” said Nazia while talking to Dawn in an exclusive interview.

Set to take place at Canvas Gallery, Karachi on October 8, Nazia’s latest exhibition is different in a sense that it will allow the visitors to see her art on a much more relatable basis. Albeit many know and buy her art, this is the first time the artist is opening up a very personal chapter of her life.


“I am hoping that perhaps, with this exhibition dedicated to ‘Maa’, people will come and see the work because they will be drawn in by their connection to her,” said Nazia.

While adding further, “Love Letters isn’t an ode to her. It is about my own personal journey. I was the youngest. She spoilt me rotten and we even shared a bedroom together. I had only just returned from London, having completed my studies, when she fell ill and we spent the last four years of her life in and out of hospital rooms.”

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Talking about the various kinds of paintings, Nazia says that most of them are her form of nostalgia and remembrance of memories she has of her mother’s life. While on the surface one might not be able to see what the artist’s thoughts are, she’s contended for translating her thoughts onto canvas.


“These are just glimpses of my time with her, derived from the words that she used to say, the letters that she used to write, her songs or just moments that I remember,” she shared.

“And it doesn’t have to be literal. I may have felt a certain way while painting something while it may make someone else feel another way altogether. That’s the beauty of a work of art.”

But why name the art exhibit as Love Letters? Nazia has the most interesting insight on that.


“My mother used to write to me very frequently, especially when I was in London. She would send me a letter every week. Her Urdu writing was so magnificent that my foreign friends would ask me to read it out to them. I would try and because Urdu is such a romantic, flowery language, they would exclaim that these were love letters!” she reflected back.

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