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Mahira Khan, Hareem Farooq praises each other in a tweet

Mahira Khan and Hareem Farooq, the two internationally acclaimed Pakistani actresses, have set a unique and the most inspiring example that they are fully committed to each others’ success.

Recently, the duo exchanged interesting tweets on social media that instantly took social media users’ attention.

Hareem, an actor and producer, took to her Twitter handle to celebrate the success of her recent film Heer Maan Ja, and Mahira was the one quickly responded to the actor while sending a congratulatory note.

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Mahira responded to the actor’s tweet saying “Mubarak! Going to go watch it soon!! InshAllah.”

As soon as the overwhelming response from Mahira reaches Hareem, the Heer Maan Ja starlet was thrilled and offered Mahira to accompany her to watch Superstar while watched her’s.
“Yaaaayyy! lets go together i’ll watch superstar and you watch Heer Maan Ja. Ps. Never stop making Pakistan super proud ur so good at it!”

The actress also praised Mahira for representing Pakistan on the international platform.

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