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Mahira Khan Has a Doppelganger and Instagram is Losing Over It

More often than not, celebrities come across fans or random people trying to look like them with or without resembling a bit to them.

Known as doppelgangers, some of these peeps have to push really hard to convince people that they look like a certain somebody.

But this isn’t the case with Kurasah Anwer, a doppelganger of superstar Mahira Khan, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Humsafar famed actress.


A lifestyle blogger by profession, Kurasah boasts over 15k Instagram followers all of whom are convinced that she’s a copy of Mahira. Some even claim that they get confused between the two and can’t find differences.

So do you also think that Kurasah is indeed a body double of Mahira or is it just us?

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