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Mahira Khan plans to wear traditional for Cannes next year!

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, with Fifi Haroon, Mahira Khan talked about her much appreciated and publicised appearance at the Cannes Film Festival and her fashion choices.

While people were all praises for the diva’s big Cannes debut, they weren’t too happy with her choice of outfit for the big appearance. Some said she defined old Hollywood glamour, but others were wishing she’d represent Pakistan in a traditional outfit.

However, Mahira Khan claimed that she does not mind criticism at all because she knows they are not said with any hateful intent.


Speaking of her fashion choices for the event she said that it was very difficult to attend Cannes as a first timer because she didn’t know what to expect. “We were very short on time and my other dress got stuck in customs,” she also added about the initial dress not reaching on time.

Mahira plans on doing something more traditional for Cannes next year because she loves wearing traditional clothes. “If it were up to me I would wear a peshwas and a gharara everywhere.”

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