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Mahira Khan Shuns the Internet Troll Like A Queen, Once Again!

In shadow of the recent Farishta case, an internet troll tagged Mahira Khan along with her  co-workers from showbiz; Shehzad Roy and Zeba Bakhtiyar


In response to Mahira Khan’s press conference alongside fellow celebrities to raise awareness on Farishta case, a Twitter user Zarwan Ali bashed the showbiz. Accusing them for giving a rise to rape culture and promoting sexual assaults through digital means for their high ratings, Zarwan accused the entertainment fraternity for the menace of the society.

“People of showbiz need to stop using rape cases to promote their agenda. The vulgarity you promote is a major reason why rapes are on the rise. So please back off,” wrote Zarwan.

He further tried to ‘prove’ that the vulgarity only exists in films, dramas and fashion shows. He tweeted how using entertainment as a mode of addressing these issues, only encourages it further.

“The vulgarity happening in dramas is happening in dramas and films and fashion shows only. And sorry this is most pathetic way to address some issue. It doesn’t solve the issue in fact only exacerbates it,” he added.

As a response to Zarwan’s accusation, Mahira gave a strong and logical reply.

“Really? The ‘vulgarity’ causes someone to go rape a 10-years old and then kill her? Get a grip.”

Furthermore, she added how rape culture exists primarily due to the mindset of people and the shame associated with it. Being her true awesome self, the superstar refused to back off giving the internet trolls a clear cut answer.

“No I will not back off. My voice. My life. I will do whatever I want with it.”

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